Preparing For Your Houseboat Vacation

Below are some recommendations on things to bring for your houseboat vacation.

You can view the checklist as a pdf, allowing you to save and print it.

What to Bring on your Houseboat Vacation

We recommend you and your group create a menu. Pre-freeze your meats. You may also freeze milk and water and substitute these items for ice in the cooler. Don’t forget spices and seasoning. If you prefer purchasing your groceries when you arrive in the area, Virginia and Tower have complete grocery stores.

It’s Minnesota. Be prepared for sunny days, cool nights, and potentially even rain.
Many campsites have hiking trails, so don’t forget your hiking gear.

Bath and beach towels

Linens, blankets, or sleeping bags

Dish soap, personal soaps, toiletries

Paper towels, paper plates, plastic cups, napkins, aluminum foil, freezer bags, coffee filters

Garbage Bags

Fishing gear, tackle, fillet knife

Golf clubs, shoes, hat, sunglasses

First aid kit

Camera, binoculars, flashlight, batteries for your equipment

Sunscreen, insect repellent, aloe, hand lotion

Toys, water games

Cards, games, paper, pens

CD’s and DVD’s for houseboats with generators

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